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The "Muonionalusta" meteorite stone, used to fabricate the dial of new Nordsø Meteorite collection, originates from the Nordic arctic tundra; 140 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle between the Swedish-Finnish border. The first fragments were discovered, in 1906 near the Swedish village of Kitkiöjärvi, when a group of playing children stumbled upon an unusual-looking stone.

Believed to have impacted the earth over one million years ago, it is one of the oldest known meteorites. The distinct pattern on the dial - an exquisite formation of iron crystalline structure that is unique to iron meteorites - is known as the Widmanstätten pattern. The Widmanstätten pattern naturally formed, as specific iron alloy slowly cooled, under extreme pressure over millions - if not billions - of years. Thought to have been part of a planet, or planetoid, it’s iron-core experienced a cosmic event around 400 million years ago - long before it impacted the earth. Though Muonionalusta’s age and origin are unknown, the meteorite is believed to be more than four billion years old.

NORDSØ Blaze Meteorite SS Virage Exclusive Edition of 15

  • NORDSØ Blaze Red Meteorite is a Virage Exclusive Numbered Edition of 15 in Stainless Steel and 15 in Diamond Like Carbon



    40 mm diameter; 20 mm lug width; 47 mm lug-to-lug; 10.5 mm height (including sapphire crystal)


    Sapphire front and back with 6-layer Anti Reflective coating



    Genuine Swedish meteorite dial in red with natural Widmanstatten pattern. Swiss SuperLuminova® BGW9 (Premium Grade) on indices and hands


    Water resistance

    200 m / 660 ft / 20 ATM


    SuperLuminova® BGW9 (Premium Grade) on hands, indices, and bezel


    Miyota 9039 Premium Series Automatic movement; 42-hour power reserve; 28.800 BPH



    120 click uni-directional high-gloss polished ceramic bezel

    Case and bracelet

    316L surgical-grade stainless steel



    2-year warranty

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