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Introducing the Memoir

Celebrating one of the golden eras of design and style, the Memoir reignites our shared passion for a time when art deco dominated the design language of the western world, permeating nearly every aspect of society. From architecture, to fashion, homewares and especially jewelry and watchmaking, the allure of art deco design captured the imaginations of a generation and continues to resonate with the same vitality a hundred years later.

Art Deco is forever associated with timeless style, and that’s exactly what the Memoir provides. The Memoir is our nod to history in a line of traditionally sized, elegant and meticulously made timepieces.

The Memoir is our very first dedicated dress watch. A timeless piece that evokes the enduring design cues of the art deco period, the Memoir wraps it all up with vintage proportions and incredible levels of finishing and craftsmanship.

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